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We talk to the Executive Producer Elisa O'Keefe-Smith of Internet Film Series "Singledom"

Tell us about your background.

In summary, I am an Aussie born, US-based radio host, CEO, executive producer, singer, former model, project manager, MBA, and doctoral candidate. In essence I am a visionary, but most importantly I am mother to my gorgeous, strong-willed 15 year-old daughter Bryanna Yvonne.

My background, well I grew up in Melbourne and after high school worked in modeling, promotions, and sang occasional cover gigs with a few duos, and trios. I moved to the USA after meeting my future husband Herb Smith, a guitarist who was on tour in Australia with the legendary Patti LaBelle, back in 1996. We were married in 1998 and our daughter Bryanna was born later that year.

“Melbadelphia” is the term I came up with, the brand name that would represent who I was: “A little bit of Melbourne, and a touch of Philly.” The term “Melbadelphia” is a play on words, comprising of “Melbourne” and “Philadelphia”, the two cities I have spent most of my life in.

Melbadelphia Entertainment, LLC, is the branded business entertainment umbrella under which I house the entertainment ventures I am involved with including the two weekly radio shows I created, produce, and host, Diva Docs™ and The Melbadelphia™ Show, along with the recent venture I have become involved with, SINGLEDOM web series, for which I am Executive Producer, and which is the reason I am speaking with you today. Additionally, my activities as an artist, singer/songwriter, and speaker also fall under the “Melbadelphia” umbrella.

Singledom Film

You are the Executive Producer of an Internet film series called Singledom. What is that about?

SINGLEDOM is a romantic comedy web series for which I am Executive Producer. It was my first foray into film, and is essentially an expansion on the entertainment ventures I already have in play. Kyree Terrell, CEO/Owner of Focused Studios and an actor and former model himself, is the Creator/Director/Co-writer of the web series, and is my business partner in the venture. Kyree convinced me in January 2014 to come onboard as Executive Producer. He had already filmed the pilot and was looking for an investor to get involved for a percentage, someone with connections and marketing experience, someone with the ability to make things happen. Kyree is as driven as I am, such a visionary, so the thought of us working together, pooling our resources to bring about a phenomenal web series, was an offer I could not resist.

Film is a medium I did not know much about, however I find it extremely interesting, and I love challenges as well as new learning. I was able to bring in some of my music connections. You have probably heard the theme track for Singledom “Love Me Right”. This was written, produced, and published by an amazing and talented friend of mine, Robert Clivilles. You may all remember him as part of the group C+C Music Factory (Everybody Dance Now, Sweat, Just a Touch of Love, Things That Make You Go Hmmm) and as part of the production team Clivilles & Cole, who wrote and produced major hits on Mariah & Whitney, among others. Robert wrote this track and produced it on a young artist out of New York, Brook Penning, who I also met through my radio show. Fortunately, Robert and Brook were kind enough to allow use use of the track, as sis all the other artists heard through all the episodes, many of whom I am friends with.

The Singledom venture has been a great decision for me, and I feel extremely fortunate to be in a business partnership with such a talented, driven, and good soul such as Kyree. In fact everyone involved in the production, Tiffany the co-writer, and all the actors and the crew, everyone is amazing.

Our official short synopsis reads: “SINGLEDOM is a romantic comedy web series, which follows two former lovers who are forced back into single life after a revelation at a family gathering. The series follows their comical misadventures as they search for love in all the wrong places. Relatable, comedic dramatized dating stories ensue.”

Essentially, SINGLEDOM is about everyone, it's about love, it's about laughing at ourselves through the pain of not being able to be with that one person we thought was made for us. That's happened to everyone, right? We've all been in relationships that ended abruptly and there wasn't anything we could do about it. Well, Singledom takes us on that ride. We meet crazy characters through funny dating situations that most people can laugh at and relate to, having encountered.

How did you come up with the concept?

The concept for SINGLEDOM was Kyree Terrel’s, my business partner in SINGLEDOM. He had the vision to complete a web series about the hilarity of dating, something he knew only too well. Although he is young, he is extremely determined. He sourced and went after all the key people involved.

What are your goals for the series?

SINGLEDOM released weekly episodes through Summer 2014, with Episode 10, the finale of Season One, released last week, on September 3rd. The launch has been a resounding success, and everyone is excited. We have achieved almost 20,000 YouTube views across the 10 episodes released, and we are only 10 weeks in. We expect these numbers to dramatically increase, as our marketing efforts increase over the next few months. We will continue to market and promote heavily through the first quarter of 2015, and intend to negotiate sometime in the first quarter of 2015 for Season 2 to go direct to TV.

We believe we fill a void considering TV comedies that are currently out there. We believe a network will see the potential in what we already have accomplished, and give us an opportunity.

Bottom line, everyone loves this show, and the followers have become invested in the characters. It comes from such a positive place that it is undeniable.


For updates, news, cast and creator profiles, and to view already released episodes, visit To view episodes and subscribe on YouTube, which we encourage all to do, go to For easy navigation through the episodes, view the playlists and choose “Season One”. The episodes are then listed chronologically.

What do you miss about Australia?

I miss my family and friends, and wish they were closer, but luckily, we live in a world were communication involves Skype, cell phones, and email, so I am in daily contact with my family and friends all around the world. I get back to Australia to visit every year or 2.

Living on the East Coast of the USA, in Philadelphia, which is about 90 miles from New York and about 100 miles from DC, we have cold, often brutal winters. Experiencing this extreme cold weather ensures that I miss the Australian year round moderate temperature.

I miss the café lifestyle of Melbourne, and I miss the BBQs every weekend.

Singledom Social Media:

SINGLEDOM trailer:

SINGLEDOM Season One beginning with trailer:

Instagram: @singledomseries

Elisa’s Social Media:

Email: elisa (AT)

Twitter: @melbadelphia

Instagram: @melbadelphia

Hashtag: #melbadelphia

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