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Forget Tinder: Find love with your sneakers


We thought we would share this video of a le coq sportif sneaker-based social experiment entitled “The Solemate Experience” as an antidote to the “soullessness” of modern Internet dating.

The experiment involved pairs of le coq sportif Facebook fans who were invited into a store to claim a “prize”, unaware they were part of a social experiment to connect them face to face with a potential “date”.

Pairs of the new le coq sportif Eclat sneakers were fitted with a vibrating technology, which the ‘winners’ could not detect until they got nearer to their match. The in-shoe technology meant unsuspecting punters felt a “tingle” in their toes when they came face to face with a potential new love interest.

Check out the video.

Things to do in Sydney: Fall in Love!

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