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Simplicity® by Brother launches in Sydney: Sewing Projects Made Easy

Instagram - With @arrnottolssen at The Brother #SimplicityByBrither #technology

I attended the launch of the Brother International Australia, Simplicity® by Brother on Friday, at Point Piper Marina, which is a fabulous venue I might add.

Brother, a leading manufacturer in home sewing machines, has partnered with industry icon Simplicity® Patterns to launch three new sewing machines; Simplicity® by Brother.

The message from Brother is ‘Keep it simple, keep it skilful’ with this new range of sewing machines offering a very user-friendly consumer experience in which the sewer has all the tools to create a project straight from the box*. Each machine is fully equipped with a great range of accessories, a Simplicity® pattern plus an easy to use Brother sewing machine. The new line-up includes three models: SL100, SL300 and SL500. Each machine has a variety of features that caters different sewing levels.

Back in my school day sewing was actually subject that we could choose for the School Certificate, and I did learn to sew during those school years. My memories of sewing are full of sewing machine woes and especially with the tension never working. From what I saw here at the launch those sewing machine troubles are a thing of the past now. I’m inspired to get sewing again as it makes sewing projects easy!

Brother Sewing Machine


The SL100; first threads to stitches, is perfect for beginners and includes 17 built-in stitches plus a Simplicity® pattern from the Learn to Sew range. The hardworking SL300; the experience of something intricate, is the next sewing step and features 27 built-in stitches and a Simplicity® pattern from the Easy to Sew range. The SL500; the beauty of something masterful, is the top of the range, a computerised sewing machine including 40 built-in stitches plus a Simplicity® pattern from the Amazing Fit range.

The new Simplicity® by Brother machines are exclusively sold in Spotlight stores

Pricing (RRP): SL100 - $249 SL300 - $299 SL500 - $549

Brother Sewing

Instagram - It's the truth I actually can sew.jpg

It's true I can sew!

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