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About Life is about being healthy!

About Life Surry Hills

by Deb Carr

photos from About Life Website

When I first discovered that About Life were opening in my part of the woods i.e. Surry Hills I was thrilled to bits. My first encounter with About Life was at the Double Bay store and I fell in love with the concept immediately.

As a suffer of Crohn’s Disease I have to watch what I eat, and to my credit, I have managed the last 16 years of this disease through my diet, and without medication. Sometimes it’s not easy, especially trying to be gluten free and having the time to cook nutritious meals. About Life has made all that so easy for me, and affordable. I live alone and often can’t be bothered cooking for myself, plus with my lifestyle, I am out a lot of the time at launches and events so it can be tricky keeping to my diet for optimised health. Not any more!

About Life stock a range of ‘home cooked style’ healthy meals that customers can purchase in various sizes. The buffet style self-serve offers salads, hot meals, pizza making and yogurts etc. I did worry about the hygiene when I first saw this so had a chat to one of the staff members who said to me “we are totally on top of that and we change over the containers about twenty times a day”. Since then I’ve been popping in to the store and eating the fabulous food. I feel fantastic and well nourished. I’m also quite attached to the fresh juices and the Immunity Juice consisting of Orange, Pineapple, Lemon and Cinnamon is my favourite. Each juice comes in a juice jar with lid too; so nice little of collection of jars is a bonus! One of my other favourites, which I always have in my fridge, is Kombucha Max, especially the Ginger & Pear. I don’t know what it is but when I have a drink of Kombucha it makes me feel that it is doing something very good to my body; maybe it’s because the ancient Chinese first brewed it over 2,000 years ago for health benefits.

Apart from the fresh food, About Life stock a range of organic products and almost anything you can think of that’s good for you is there. I’m rather fond of the Dukkah, which is made by About Life and fabulous mixed in with smashed avocado, feta cheese and lemon.

Other goodies to buy are frozen foods which customers scoop the exact amount they want in to a container, cheese, meats, deli goods and much more.

For those wishing to eat in the café serves organic coffee and Paleo inspired sweets.

Some stores even have plants and flowers.

For this blogger, I can’t get enough of About Life.

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