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Sydney Chic Social | Launch Audi Service Centre & Bells N Whistles

The Sydney Chic Diary has been full again last week with launches.

Last week I attended the Audi Centre Sydney launch and what a spectacular event it was. With guests including:

  • Sandra Sully who MC'd

  • James Tobin – Channel 7

  • Kate Ritchie - Actress

  • Steph Rice – Australian Olympic athlete

  • Glenn McMillan – Actor, Wonderland

  • Danielle Cormack – Actress, Underbelly

  • Grace Huang - Actress

  • Eugene and Debbie Tan – Aquabumps and ACS ambassadors

  • Mike McEnearney – Celebrity chef and ACS ambassador

  • Belynda and Ben MacPherson – Elle’s brother and founders of Banjo and Matilda

  • Jesse Polock – Bondi Rescue

  • Trent Maxwell – Bondi Rescue and winner of 2013 Cleo Bachelor of the year

  • Sali & Julie Stevanja - Stylerunner

  • Tim Blackwell – Radio identity Kate, Tim and Marty on Nova

  • Dean Ipaviz – Runner up for 2014 Cleo Bachelor of the Year and dating Sam Frost, winner of The Bachelor 2014

The food by Matt Moran – Celebrity chef and Audi ambassador was sensational, along with much champagne and other beverages.

For those looking to buy an Audi it's well worth a visit to the centre.

Rooftop Intercontinental Double Bay

I attended the re-launch of Bells N Whistles at the fabulous Intercontinental Rooftop in Double Bay last week. As you would expect from Director, Jennifer Kennedy, the VIP cocktail party was very stylish.

Now offering destination wedding services, couples have the opportunity to marry in a luxury location without the stress. Bells N Whistles destinations offer tailored packages for three exclusive locations across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji with plans to expand to more countries in 2015.

With a new stylish logo and opening of a creative studio in Sydney, couples will have an experiential journey towards their wedding day.

With nearly ten years of wedding planning experience couples can rest assured that Bells N Whistles will make planning their wedding an enjoyable experience.

Thumbs up for great choice of venue for the launch!

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