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Snap Sydney: Join in the fun and Instagram your Sydney life

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Today is Snap Sydney an unprecedented community event to capture “A Day in the Life of Sydney” in pictures which is a great initiative of NewsLocal newspapers.

Across a period of 24 hours, Sydneysiders are invited to take a picture that sums up what daily life means to them and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SnapSydney.

Sydneysiders can join 100 NewsLocal reporters and photographers who are out and about documenting this historic event.

The images will be published in real time throughout the day on a digital wall on the NewsLocal and The Daily Telegraph websites.

And the best images will be published in special edition wraps and inserts across the 20 NewsLocal mastheads.

Want to join in? All you have to do is take a pic on Instagram: Follow @SnapSydney post your photo using the hashtag #SnapSydney and tag @SnapSydney so they can repost your photo.

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