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Dave's Brewery Tour

Dave’s Brewery Tours Launch Party at Young Henry’s, Wilford Street Newtown

Young Henry’s is a hipster venue on steroids. Hidden inside a tiny little industrial estate in suburbia just off Enmore Road you enter through a side door and follow the corridor into the warehouse. It’s nicely kitted out with lots of big share tables and graffiti on the walls. There are four craft beers (Brew Am I was my favourite) and cloudy cider on draught served by quirky staff in op-shop outfits with more tatts and piercings than the Harley Davidson Fan Club. The venue is uber chic and the artwork on the wall is sold to support the local cats home.

I’m glad I’d neatly trimmed my beard and dressed down for the occasion with a freshly shaven head.

My fiance and I were there to celebrate the launch of Dave’s Brewery Tours. Dave has Young Henry’s and twelve other Sydney micro breweries currently on his books and has already taken more than 300 people to “where good craft beer is made and where good things are happening.”

I liked Dave a lot.

Jimmy & Matty at Dave's Brewery Tour

He got up on a barrel and made short but heartfelt speech about his wife, his friends and their beer. If the speech was anything to go by I reckon that the tours will rock. For Dave, it’s clearly more than the art and science of brewing or the mechanics of a micro-brewery, it’s the stories, the legends, the scars of effort and devotion to doing something different that drives him and the team to want to share the story with others.

As consumers we are becoming more and more discerning about exactly what we put in and on our bodies. As such tours like Dave’s are only going to get more popular not just for those visiting Sydney and wanting to do something off the traditional tourist trail but for local residents wanting to connect with local producers.

I tasted everything that was on offer at the launch and would recommend a trip to Young Henry’s if the guided tour experience is not up your street.

But really Dave’s onto a good thing at a good price. Tours start at just $99 for 3 hours, include meet and greet with the brew masters and a special look behinds the scenes at some of the finest beer being made in Australia.

Good on ya Dave for following your passion and giving us all something new. Cheers mate.

Dave's Brewery Tour

"Daves Brewery Tours: where good craft beer is made and good things are happening" TWEET THIS

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