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Moeloco Beach Walk for Hope – A celebration of fashion that gives back

Moeloco thongs

As the world moves towards being more socially conscious, it’s fantastic to see this change being mirrored in the business community. Sydney local Kathy Wong has taken being socially conscious one step further with the launch of feel good, do good fashion brand Moeloco.

Moeloco makes flip flops (or thongs for Aussies) with unique designs that leave inspiring imprints in the sand. Moeloco flip flops have a really unique design, but the real value is in what the brand is doing for those less fortunate than us. Kathy has built Moeloco on the foundation of parallel giving, meaning that for each pair of Meolocos purchased a pair of school shoes is given to a child in Calcutta. This is done through a partnership with Hope Foundation, who work with children in India who live in orphanages, slums or on the streets.

This parallel giving and focus on a social mission is relatively new in the fashion world and will help to make more people aware of how they can help with persistent social problems. There are over 300 million children in developing countries who do not own a pair of shoes and giving these children school shoes helps give them the confidence to attend school.

Moeloco flip flops

Although Moeloco is already selling flip flops and helping children in Calcutta, they will officially launch their brand on the 14th of January at Dee Why Beach with the Moeloco Beach Walk for Hope. This event will not only celebrate the beginning of Meoloco, but also raise awareness for Hope Foundation and the fantastic work that they’re doing in Calcutta.

The Moeloco Beach Walk for Hope is going to be a fantastic event for kids and adults alike. Attendees can help create a chain of footprints in the sand as a show of support to the inspiring work of Hope Foundation. There will be entertainment from young singer Holly Riva Moore who has previously travelled to Calcutta to perform for children being helped by Hope Foundation. Holly now considers many of these children as close friends.

Moeloco’s mission has gained support from local celebrities. Breakfast will be provided by Ryan Girdler, NRL legend, media personality and owner of Dee Why café, Girdler’s Grind. Caroline Pemberton, former host of Getaway and the founder of a new brand and show called MissAdventure will also be attending as an ambassador to support Moeloco. For a great morning that will support the fantastic mission of a brand that is sure to become iconic, head to Dee Why Beach on the 14th of January between 7am and 9am for the Moeloco Beach Walk for Hope.

For more information visit the Moeloco website -

Moeloco Sydney

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