Lush Release A Fresh New Collection

I’ve been trialling a new collection of innovations from Lush. I have to say every time I walk past a Lush shop I always like to go in and look around. I love the smells and the fact that everything is so fresh and handmade.

I love the Zest Hair Gelly. It smells zesty as the name implies and doesn’t have that really hard gel texture. I am finding it gives a really firm hold without that greasy feeling you can get with some products. The fragrance comes from sweet wild orange oil and other ingredients are moisturising and thickening carrageenan extract from Irish moss seaweed which helps create texture. The holding power comes from the sugar in the orange juice! $18.95

A great conditioner for the skin is the African Paradise Body Conditioner to use in the shower! Ingredients come from the Slush Funded projects such as Fair Trade Shea butter and moringa oil, aloe vera, and ylang ylang. This conditioner is applied to damp skin after washing and then rinsed off. It’s a wonderful product and I’m really enjoying using it and having great results on keeping smooth skin. $37.50

D’Fluff shaving cream is fantastic! Made with fresh strawberries, coconut oil, maple and corn syrup and egg whites. It’s easily applied and can also be used as a body wash. $9.95.

All Lush products are self-preserving; cruely free; and handmade freshly to order for Lush shops nationwide. Some of the ingredients are made from the Sustainable Lush Funded (SLush Fund) projects.

Available January 8th.


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