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Easy way to prevent your dog suffering from Ticks and Fleas

If there is one thing I enjoy when I’m out and about on my morning or evening walk is the number of dogs I see having fun with their owners in the park, or just walking down the street with their happy little faces.

Losing a dog is heartbreaking, I know this as recently my parent’s little dog was bitten by a snake and died, and it was devastating for them and for me too, because dogs are part of the family and Toby certainly was part of ours. I’ve also known the affects that happen to a dog when it has been bitten by a tick. A number of years ago, our little dog “Pocket” was terribly sick after being bitten by a tick and he never fully recovered. I made up a new nickname for him after the tick bite and called him “Thousand Dollar Dog” because that’s what it cost in vet fees.

The good news that there is a new chewable tablet that can prevent ticks and fleas called NexGard. These chewable tablets, are beef flavoured and are a convenient and easy way to protect your precious pooch. It’s worth noting that to prevent ticks dog owners should still do a daily search.

To support the launch of NexGard, The Village Vets Dr James Carroll and Dr Anthony Bennett will be ambassadors for the product who say that this is a game changer for dog owners as they see so many dogs with tick bites that could have been prevented if the dog had been receiving treatment correctly.

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