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Happy Plugs Sydney Launch: We chat to Founder & CEO, Andreas Vural

Photo Supplied of: DJ Didier Cohen

I recenty attended the Sydney launch of Happy Plugs at Luxe Studios which as you can see from these pics was quite an event! I asked Andreas Vural Founder & CEO of Happy Plugs to tell us more about the brand.

How did you come up with the idea for Happy Plugs?

Happy Plugs was born at the end of 2011 when I was looking for a pair of pink headphones for my girlfriend. When I didn’t have any luck, I finally took the matter in my own hands - and painted a pair of headphones myself. And she loved them! I then realized there was a gap in the market and there was room for well-designed, affordable headphones that went beyond func

tionality. From this belief, Happy Plugs was born.

Photo supplied of Andres and Michaela from Happy Plugs

Who creates the designs?

Well, I do. I have moved through roles as an Art Director and worked in marketing and graphic design for many years. So I’m proud to say that it’s all Swedish minimalistic design. I also have a great team in Stockholm working with new design projects and R&D. The team in Hong Kong is then embodying all of the ideas and design that we create.

Why Happy?

We’ve succeeded with the equation of transforming headphones to so much more than just sound-carriers. They are packaged uniquely and the box is filled with happiness and possibilities of defining the personality, mood and emotions. So we couldn’t get a better name for the brand.

Photo Supplied and yes they are Gold Plated Happy Plugs

Did you expect the business to grow so fast?

It has been an exciting but challenging past years. We have got an overwhelming response worldwide! One key factor is social media where we are able to have a close relationship to all of our Happy Plugs users, even if they are on the other side of the world.

Photo Supplied of Megan Washington

Any plans to extend the range?

Our idea is simple, we believe in combining style and function. Your tech accessories should not only fit your device, but also your outfit of the day. Color is essential to Happy Plugs, and just like any other fashion brand we add new collections and fresh looks every season. We will continue to evolve our collection and new products are launching in 2015.

Yes that's right Stephen Leary is holding a bottle of wine that size! Me pictured hanging around! Photo supplied.

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