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Sydney Jewellery Designer Jessica Balyck

I met Jessica on Instagram (as you do) and I discovered she had a beautiful range of jewellery that she designs herself. I loved the look of her work so asked her how she found a passion for designing jewellery.

Jessica's story started from a young age as her family could see her creative flare and encouraged her creativity. Her fascination for jewellery started from her travels where she would collect jewellery that she loved. Her love for fashion inspired her to collect and deconstruct clothing and jewellery as she was never happy with the designs. Study followed at the Fashion Design Studio in Sydney where she furthered her knowledge on fashion, however her passion for jewellery was burning and she decided to teach herself how to construct pieces for herself and friends.

In 2010 Jessica officially launched her first collection of handmade pieces.

Well done Jessica and thanks for sharing your work with Sydney Chic.

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