Emerging Australian Designer Tatiana Roberts shares her inspiration

Blue Jungle Silk Chiffon Dress

I recenty judged a Creatives Uncovered fashion show in Sydney and met Tatiana Roberts. I fell in love with her designs and asked her a few questions about where she gets her inspiration.


Have you always loved fashion?

I loved fashion as long as I remember myself. My experience started when I was still at school in years 5 or 6. I joined up for after school sewing classes. Mum gave me some bright red fabric and I made a shirt for myself. My teacher told to my mum that I had no fear of cutting the fabric.

How did you start your career in fashion?

I got my first customers when I was just 15 and studying at the Technology and Design College in St. Petersburg after school and when I finished college I started my own private business. I moved to Australia ten years ago and after a break from design I restarted my business.

Blue Tiger Silk Chiffon Dress

What inspires your designs?

My inspiration comes from Mother Nature which is so powerful and creative so I just follow her steps. I love natural flow of silk, vibrant colors and patterns. I like to dress beautiful women.

Where do you source the fabrics?

At this stage, I get them online but I have plans to produce fabrics with my own patterns.

How long does it take you to design a garment?

Difficult question. It’s always different. When I am getting ideas, they have to mature. Some take a few hours, some weeks or longer.


Red Sea Silk Chiffon Dress

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