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How to save money when dining out in Sydney

Eating Out on a Budget

As one of Australia’s most important cultural hotspots, Sydney has some of the best food money can buy and when it comes to quality restaurants, customers are spoilt for choice. Frequent nights dining out can take a toll on your budget, but with a little flexibility and a few practical tips, you can afford to indulge in one of the city’s greatest pleasures.

Dine Out During the Week:

This tip is so obvious you are likely to overlook it, but dining out during the week can really make a difference in your budget. Restaurants will frequently have specials, but they are also known to put out specific specials or lower their prices during slow nights in order to attract more customers. It’s worth having a glance at their menu, phoning in or checking out their website for any specials they may have outside of Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Grab Lunch Rather Than Dinner:

Going out for lunch instead of dinner is another great way to save money. The price of a main at dinner is generally more expensive than basic lunch meals, and when you couple that with entrees and alcoholic drinks, eating out at night can really put a dent in your budget. Lunch can be a pleasant and cheaper alternative to evening dining, as restaurants will regularly advertise great value lunch deals. As for alcohol, you can simply have a mineral water or soft drink alternative. You’ll be able to have the same enjoyable dining experience that you would with dinner and save the cash for a later date.

Restaurant Coupons:

Another way to cut costs when dining out is by using coupons. There seems to be an odd stigma surrounding the use of discount offers when it comes time to pay the bill. Apps like is a booking and discount service that saves you up to $40 off your final bill – no voucher needed. Book online and your discount will be taken off your final bill.

Skip Dessert:

Let’s face it, a sweet dessert is the perfect cap to almost any meal, but by the time the bill comes you might wish you had resisted the temptation. Skipping dessert will allow you to keep a tight lid on your funds yet still enjoy the experience of dining out. However, if you don’t like the idea of forgoing dessert completely, consider sharing a dessert or opting for an ice-cream on the way home instead. There are always ways to have your cake and eat it too.

Keep these pointers in mind the next time you decide to dine out in Sydney and you’ll find that eating out can be fun and guilt-free without being costly.

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