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Want to explore your subconscious and let go of your limits?

Open your subconscious and let go of your limits for art exhibition 3.99Hz

What happens if we took away the usual boundaries that enclose our mind? What depths of our mind could we reach? What significance do our dreams have on our subconscious mind? These questions are raised in 3.99Hz; an interactive art exhibition featuring the work of Sydney creative director Chrissie Hall and Melbourne artist Angie Taylor.

Opening night Wednesday 6th May from 6:00- 9:00pm and will be on show Wednesday - Saturday 11:00-4:00pm until the 16th of May at Kind of Gallery, St Leonards.

The aim is to encourage the viewer to question and explore the depths of their mind, dreams and imagination by featuring experimental works of selected films, installations, paintings and photography. This is an interactive program with a soundscape by BI0MECHANICAL heard when entering the exhibition.

The theme of experimenting onto the subconscious mind draws inspiration from Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud while focusing on the ideal of no boundaries or limits, where ideas can run freely.

Additional influence is drawn from surrealist artists Max Ernst and James Gleeson and the imagination of David LaChapelles images.

Sydney artist and creative director at XRay Doll, Chrissie Hall has held both solo and group exhibitions working with paint, photography and film both in Australia and Internationally.

Angie Taylor a Melbourne based artist and curator has worked in Australia and abroad curating on various exhibitions and creative research projects.

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