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Leonardo Salinas Launches SS15/16 Collection - Concept Woman

Note: This video & pics were taken on my iPhone not a professional camera, hence the lack of quality.

Tonight I attended the launch of the return runway for Leonardo Salinas SS15/16 collection- Concept Woman at The Australian Technology Park, Everleigh. We were promised something spectacular at the end of the event and as you will see from the iPhone photos I took we were not disappointed; the most abundant dress I have ever physically laid eyes on!

It’s been a while since his last show, which was at the 2008 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, and tonight Leonardo Selanis came back with a spectacular runway.

Leonardo Selanis is known for his views on empowering women, and suggesting those women who dress a little more modestly are actually empowering themselves. Quite frankly, I have to agree with that.

Specialising in and having a passion for designing cocktail dresses to evening dresses, haute couture bridal gowns and red carpet dresses, Leonardo Salinas showcased an elegant style.

Judging by the applause of the audience it would seem I was not the only one impressed.

NOTE: Supporting his return to the runway are Raffles College of Design and Commerce, Chadwick Models and Socraft Textiles.

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