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How to get four handbags just from one design!

A girl needs lots of handbags and I have discovered a range of bags that can transform into different looks thanks to the Redletter Club.

The Redletter Club sent me a few bags to wear to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and I am pretty impressed with how the bags can change from clutch to shoulder bag and in some cases, be reversed to reveal a whole new colour! In fact I had a new bag for each day, even if it was actually the same one. The bag pictured above can be changed into a clutch, a shoulder bag, the style you see above and reversed into a black bag. This was one of the bags that I took to MBFWA.

The quality of these bags is great and the lining really stood out for me. I also like plenty of pockets to organize my loot! It goes to prove you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a handbag, not everyone has that sort of money to spend.

Check out the great range of bags just in for Mother’s Day in the video below.

The Redletter Club is the brainchild of mother-daughter duo Jules & Grace Newman.

What do you always carry in your bag? Mine always has my reading glasses, lipstick, wallet, iPhone, a pen, hand sanitiser and business cards.

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