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Sydney Style: Date Dress Code for Guys

Sydney is the perfect city for a romantic date; whether you’re going out with your long-term lover or a new fling, there’s a lot of choice in our beautiful city. You could opt for a swish dinner by the harbor, casual drinks overlooking Bondi beach or heading out to Auburn Botanical Gardens for a romantic picnic. Whatever you choose, the next step is to determine the dresscode and plan what you are going to wear.

Unless you’re headed to the local takeaway joint, you need to stray away from your collection of singlets and thongs and opt for something with a little more oomph, especially if you’re wanting to make a good first impression. Your outfit depends on the date itself, so know the plan in advance so you can dress accordingly. Here are three tips for mastering the date dresscode.

A Fancy Dinner

If a classy dinner reservation is what you’ve got planned, your outfit needs to look smart and sophisticated with a splash of your personal style. Opt for a collared shirt and slacks or a fitted suit jacket with jeans. Everything has to be well fitted and match, so wear dark colours that go with each other and don’t clash your prints. An understated, smart look will no doubt woo your lover. If you need some inspiration, click here to check out the range of stylish suits and trendy shirts at menswear specialist Politix.

The Daytime Date

For fun activities during the day, like a picnic in the park, mini golf or a trip to the beach, a casual ensemble will often be the acceptable dresscode. Opt for a nice t-shirt and shorts combination and wear something that is tasteful and classic if you’re heading out before 5pm. A plain, coloured tee and dress shorts are a good match, or a quality polo shirt could work a charm as well. Just remember: it’s always better to be slightly overdressed than sloppily underdressed.

It’s All in the Shoes

Once the dresscode is sorted and the outfit is planned, all thoughts should fall to the finishing touch – the shoes. A leather dress shoe in black or brown is a must if you’re headed out to dinner and drinks or a show in the city. Always match your shoes and belt, and make sure they’re clean and relatively unscuffed. Jeans with thongs is never an option. For your casual look, wear fashionable sneakers with your shorts or look to the classic boat shoe style.

If you’re dressed to impress and wearing the right attire for the occasion, your date will no doubt start on a good note. Even if fashion isn’t your forte, you can still be stylish and well dressed if you’ve got an idea of the dresscode for the date and plan your outfit in advance. Amongst all the fuss of what to wear, don’t forget to have a good time and create a connection with your date, because that’s what you’re really there for.

Do you have any date dresscode tips you could add? Help out your fellow guys by sharing them in the comments below.

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