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Sydney's entertainment scene is about to have a shake up

Innovative events company Curious Cartel presents Popcorn Therapy, the first in an exciting program of immersive cinema experiences and movie themed parties hitting the city launching May 9. It's all rather mysterious because the first event is at a top-secret location. Curious Cartel will be letting movie fans step inside your favourite flicks but you’re going to have to put your faith in your Curiosity – you’ll get clues but the film won’t be revealed until guests walk through the doors. So for those looking for things to do in Sydney, and especially if you love mystery, this is the event for you.

We can reveal that there will be music, food, a licensed bar, a supporting cast of characters, the most curious of locations, interactive activities, cult movies, unique screening setups and much more to make your experience one you won’t forget. Going to the cinema is about take on a whole new transformation. for exclusive announcements and to be the first to get your hands on tickets.

Lose yourself in the cinema, find yourself in the film

Date: May 9th Time: 6pm

Venue: We can’t say Tickets on sale from Tuesday April 7th @ 12:00 at

Over 18s only


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