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New App to solve that awful splitting bill problem after dinner

Split & Kill Bills with New App

I love this idea that puts and end to the awkward moment when it comes to splitting the bill at the end of a meal; a new app called Shakeandpay.

Developed by two young Sydney entrepreneurs, Shakeandpay allows the user to split bills among a friendship group, track who has paid their dues and send automated reminders for those who may have forgotten.

Elliott Spira 25 and Rohan Jerrems 26 developed the app after frustration over embarrassing cash exchanges over dinner and have since applied it to overseas travel and other purposes.

“After a fun evening out with friends it’s awkward enough getting together the exact amount in cash, let alone chasing up mates who inevitably haven’t paid their share. Shakeandpay calculates how much each person owes then sends an automated reminder to their inbox to avoid the awkwardness of chasing the forgetful few for money,” said Jerrems.

Shakeandpay also has an in-built currency converter allowing travellers to track, split and convert bills from any foreign currency to Australian dollars.

“Shakeandpay comes into its own on group holidays. If a group of mates are heading to Bali on a surf trip, using the app, they can easily track the cost of accommodation, food and drinks, then convert it to Aussie dollars and settle all the debts accrued with just one shake,” added Spira.

Shakeandpay is available for free from the App Store or via Google Play.

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