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How to get clear skin: Dr Roebuck's can help

I was recently invited to a media lunch by Dr Roebuck’s to experience something exciting about skincare. The mission was to promote healthy skin from the inside and outside. It gets better! Lunch was being prepared by Scott Gooding Health and fitness expert and TV personality.

Before I even start on the products, I truly believe the concept of #Skindiets is something every person should be looking at if they want fabulous clear skin; to eat clean and nourish the skin with pure ingredients.

Sangeeta Kochareckar and Deb Carr

Lunch was served and history was made! Not only did I eat a three course meal I finished every single bit of it including dessert! That never happens! I have lots of testimonials to prove it! In fact; I’m the perfect date because I leave half my food as I know when to stop... I never continue eating if I'm full. There is a good reason for that due to a health problem I have.

Scott Gooding and Zoe Roebuck

The reason I polished off a three-course lunch down in this instance is because of the pure ingredients and lightness of the dishes prepared by Scott, and the clever use of flavours and textures. I am now officially (according to me) #1 Scott Gooding fan! It’s so true though, when I finished lunch I did not feel full, I felt ‘cleansed’ I can’t describe it any other way, despite the fact I was drinking French champagne at the same time!

Scott Gooding's Fabulous Avocado Dessert....#YUM

So this brings to nourishing the skin from the outside. At lunch, myself and the other ladies sitting with me decided it would not be bad manners for us to rub the Dr Roebuck’s creams on our hands and arms at the table becaues we were eager to try them. Now let me tell you, I have really struggled to find a product that truly makes my hands soft. I’m mature and my skin is mature so, facts are facts, I’m not looking like I did when I was in my 20’s. Tonight, as I’m typing this, I am in awe of the softness of my hands and the last time I used the Dr Roebuck’s cream was at 7.00 am this morning…that was over 12 hours ago.

I have only started to use the face moisturizer and anti aging creams, and they are rich, thick and feel like they are doing something good to my skin. I will continue for the next few weeks and post results later.

Zoe Roebuck gives the girls the history of Dr Roebucks

This is another company that I’m so pleased to say is about an Australian owned! The skincare is created by Medical Professionals and especially formulated for sensitive skin…and …yes and….Paraben and BPA free! That’s really important to me!


Driving this innovative and successful brand are two Aussie sisters; Kim and Zoe Roebuck who happen to be identical twins and the daughter of Dr Roebuck. Kim and Zoe have successfully launched the brand in both Australia and Canada where the demand for natural products is rapidly increasing via the health conscious.

Well done girls, this is an amazing product and affordable product for everyone available at Priceline, Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale and Dr Roebucks website.

I’d like to just say one more thing; remember the philosophy is to nourish your skin from the inside and the outside.

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