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Sydney Lifestyle: Scott Gooding shares some tips about wellness.

I met Scott Gooding a few weeks ago at an event I attended for Dr Roebuck's and was fortunate enough to enjoy a beautiful lunch that he prepared, so I thought I'd ask him some questions about health and his life for the readers of my Sydney lifestyle blog........


What foods should we avoid?

There are number of foods in our modern diet that we should consider limiting or avoiding.

  • Sugar is the number one food in my mind to avoid. Sugar is highly addictive, highly reactive and is the cause for a huge amount of health implications we see in the modern society.

  • We should avoid or certainly limit our intake of dairy, not all dairy is created equally but the proteins and sugars can cause systemic inflammation.

  • Grains is another food group which I believe we need to limit, the compounds found in grains, particularly recently engineered grains, are the cause of gut irritation and can lead to a permeable gut.

  • Our gut is the window to our health, fostering and creating a healthy gut is the path to optimal health. If someone has spent years fostering gut health then they can perhaps tolerate the odd intake of grain, legume or dairy but generally limit or avoid.

Do you recommend any super foods?

I do - I personally use Maca daily for energy and stamina, it's particularly powerful! I also take chlorella everyday for it's nutrient density and alkalising properties.

I have a friend suffering from Crohn’s Disease (which I have too) and I’ve managed to keep mine under control with diet. What do you recommend for people suffering from an autoimmune disease?

I would invest in gut health. Many autoimmune diseases and allergies have arisen as a consequence of our lack of biodiversity in our gut. Our soil has been stripped of its biodiversity as well of us living in a sanitized world leading to reduced microbes. It's crucial for our immune system that we foster good gut health through diet and ensuring we get earth-based bacteria.

Describe clean living?

In my mind clean living is the about embracing foods that nourish us, that energise us and allow us to thrive. Not just about eating the right foods but moving your body everyday and having a positive mindset. By embracing these three concepts (eat right, move right, think right) you'll be in the best possible position to face the world.

What is your opinion on detoxing?

I personally don’t detox, I strive to eat super clean and don't have any nasty habits. I do think it serves a purpose in that it can recalibrate our system but many people I've met detox for a week then return to their bad habits on day 8, which blows my mind.

Best advice for someone to motivate themselves into getting fit?

Adherence to exercise comes with engaging in something you enjoy. The gym doesn't suit everybody so experiment with different modes of exercise until you find one you enjoy. Have a clear goal, can be lose 5kgs or complete the City to Surf but by having a defined goal will help to keep you on track....the goal needs to be attainable and realistic.


Favourite Sydney Cafe? Bondi wholefoods

Favourite Sydney Restaurant? Sefa Kitchen

Favourite holiday destination? Tasmania or Thailand

Favourite place to hang out? Kutti Beach

What do you do to relax? Train and/or watch a doco

Three words to describe yourself? Competitive, compassionate, inspired

Name one thing on your bucket list that you haven’t tried yet? I recently got my motorbike license and bought a bike, which has been on my bucketlist for a long time. The next on the list is surfing. I've tried it a number of times over the years and have a couple of dusty boards but I need to commit to getting good.

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