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Greta Stanley a voice that I can only describe as mesmerising.

When I was first sent Greta's music I couldn't stop listening. This was supposed to be a podcast however we had some technical problems so we have transcribed Greta's answers here.

INTRO With sultry vocals and a captivating style, up-and-coming singer songwriter Greta Stanley has pulled together six premium tracks for her debut EP Bedroom City. At only 20 years of age, her songwriting and voice would have you believe were penned by an old soul.

I have been listening to Greta’s songs from her EP and I have really only one word as a description; “MESMERISING”

When did you first pick up a guitar?

Since I can remember there has always been a guitar in the house, my dad can strum a few chords so it was always there, I think he saw that I took an interest in it, and for my 13th birthday I received my very own guitar! Since then I’ve a family friend (Dusty Antassiou) teach me the basics of blues, and he introduced me to good music. I think the first song I learnt was Ground Control to Major Tom, followed by Bob Dylan - It Ain’t me Babe. Then I went on to teach myself from Youtube tutorials, and just spending more time becoming familiar with the sound of a guitar! Still Learning!

Did you have singing lessons; your voice really is hauntingly beautiful?

Again I had a family friend, Tony, help me when I was younger but she moved away and then I kinda just found it on my own. I guess it comes with age haha, I couldn't sing very well at all until I was about 15, and even then i'd mess it up, the more you do something; the more comfortable you become with it, and having the confidence plays a big part, that’s why it helps to play as much as you can to an audience! Busking helped me gain confidence and when you are comfortable you're more likely to sound it!

What inspires your music?

Everything! Obviously a lot of my songs are about lust/love and the whole idea of it, but that’s just because that’s all I know how to write about right now, and all I was feeling at the time. In ten years time I could be singing about something completely different. I'm inspired by other artists all the time, Lisa Mitchell, Jamie T, Ani Difranco to name a few, but also my friends and their stories or experiences, I’m a big over thinker so often I can ta26 % ​ke something small and turn it into something quite big.

Do you get nervous playing in front of crowds?

Of course! It's always daunting, but it's something you have to do, and it's rewarding at the same time, I think I’m 100x more nervous playing to my family or close friends, if it's strangers I’m like "it's ok, they don't know me" where as my family are like "Who's that about? What do you mean about this?"

I’ve definitely become a lot more confident over time, but nerves are always there, sometimes I just close my eyes! (although once I did that for too long and iI almost fell over).

Let’s chat about the EP: How long did it take you to write the songs?

All the songs were already written before the EP idea came around, I never wrote them intentionally for the EP, it was just a matter of choosing which original songs I wanted on it! and these were the winners! Somebodies was a song I wrote when I was 16, the rest I wrote when I was 18 or 19. I usually write a song and finish it in the same sitting, while the feelings and thoughts are fresh, although I do have a lot of 'half' songs sitting around in hope that they'll meet up and make a whole one day.

Where did you record it the EP?

I recorded the entire EP in Cairns, with Mark Meyers (Big Sister Studios), he's a really cool guy and although the first day in a studio is always a little nerve racking, I think it's important that your producer actually enjoys your music and is not just doing it for the money. Mark did such a nice job with producing the tracks, and I can't really imagine them any other way. He's also got a nice voice, which you can hear on Bedroom City and Left!

Where can our listeners buy it

You can purchase the EP through iTunes,

Or if you would prefer a hardcopy mailed out (CD'S ARE STILL COOL)

you can find them here:

You can also keep up to date with anything new in my life on my Facebook page,


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