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The Medicine Man: Ayurveda Store & Consultancy in Potts Point

I am always interested to see new shop fronts opening up in the area where I live, Potts Point. Recently I was heading down to my local cafe, for the morning hit of caffeine when my eyes caught sight of a new store named The Medicine Man. It’s not overly huge and reminds me of an old fashioned chemist, with the jars of ‘medicines’ displayed in a cabinet.

As is my usual way with interesting stores, I dropped in to say hello and that’s when I met Benjamin, the owner, and who consults in Ayurvedic medicine. I love the concept of having a store with herbal remedies and organic hair and beauty products.

This afternoon I dropped down to have a longer chat with Ben and take some photos.

Ben has set up his practice so he can have a consultation with his clients and provide the necessary herbs and tonics that are needed, which he mixes himself. The Medicine Man is a combination of tailored herbal prescriptions based on Prakriti and Vikriti, as well as generalist tonics and remedies for improving digestion, elimination of toxins, increasing energy levels, reducing stress, and strengthening resistance to disease.

I had a ‘shot’ of a herbal drink whilst we were chatting which tasted great and I’m quite certain it gave me more energy. Ben also stocks a range of teas that he has designed and as well as Alchemic Elixirs. I purchased an Elixir for relaxation, and a Winter Warmer tea, which I am sipping on as I type, and it’s gorgeous.

If you are looking for an alternative health therapy then please do go and see Ben, he knows his stuff and I can tell he was born to be a healer.

The Medicine Man offers:

  • Health, diet, and lifestyle advice

  • Personalised herbal prescriptions

  • One on one health consultations

  • Discover your Ayurvedic body type

  • Musculo-skeletal treatments

  • Pulse diagnosis

  • Herbal tonic bar

  • Organic hair and beauty products

  • Herbal remedies for common ailments

  • Ayurvedic massage

  • Plus much more!

NOTES: Ayurveda (pronounced eye-er-vay-da) literally means the 'science of life' and developed out of India over 5,000 years ago.

It is based on a '5 element' theory - Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space - with every individual containing a unique balance of these 5 elements at birth. This is known as one's Prakriti, or 'constitution'. According to Ayurveda, while ever this balance is maintained, the individual enjoys good health. However, dietary choices, lifestyle factors, environmental influences, working conditions, and our emotions, can impact this balance, thus creating the foundation for dis-ease.

The current balance of the 5 elements within an individual is known as 'Vikriti'. Ayurveda seeks to bring the current state of the elements back into line with the inate constitution, thereby restoring balance and facilitating a return to health.

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