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The Bash is Australia's largest (and favourite!) motoring event with participants travelling to rural parts of Australia that they would otherwise not see, at the same time raising money for disadvantaged and special needs children. Throughout the Bash, participants visit local towns, stopping into the schools to visit the kids (some schools have had only 5 students!). Bashers get to see the smiles of the kids they've help and provide them with equipment to assist their education and fun time. There's never a dull moment on the Bash with stacks of entertainment such as Bash Idol (talent - or lack of) night, songs from long-time supporters John Paul Young and John Williamson when they are on board, competitions and MORE!

Sydney Chic will be having a first hand account of the Bash thanks to Gavin Little who does some photography for the blog. Gavin is taking with him the ShotBox S71 to capture the event.

The ShotBox S71 and S60 are available online and in Dick Smiths for $439 (RRP) and $299 (RRP). The ShotBox comes with $200 worth of accessories including a waterproof case, 2” removable touchscreen, lithium battery, various mounts, USB cable, humonitor anti-fog kit and a storage pouch and handstrap.

For more information regarding ShotBox, please visit

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Gavin Little and Ken Phillips are driving the 2015 Variety Bash in Car 256.

Please help Gavin and Ken to get to their goal and make their way on this year's bash. ALL donations go directly to sick and underprivileged children.

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