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Grey Goose La Boulangerie is stirring up the Sydney drinking and dining scene #frenchisbest

Today I attended a media event for a very special preview of La Boulangerie which is launching August 21 for two weeks only, and will stir up the Sydney drinking and dining scene, showing to all that #frenchisbest.

This is your chance to experience amazing food and beverages, as I did today, at the gorgeous Yellow Restaurant in Potts Point. Every day I am grateful for the people I meet and the experiences I try, and I love to share with my readers how they can experience the same things too, so read on....

Today’s lunch was nothing short of spectacular filled with Grey Goose cocktails and beautiful French cuisine by acclaimed Chef Brent Savage:

  • Foie Gras Parfait, Fermented Apple, Radish, Red Endive

  • Grey Goose Le Citron Cured Kingfish, Cod Roe, Pickled Celery

  • Mahi Mahi, Roast Carrot, Grey Goose L’Orange Bisque

  • Rangers Valley Beef Tri-Tip, Charred Onion & Green Garlic

  • Pain d’Epices, Grey Goose La Poire Poached Pear Vanilla

  • Espresso with a dash of Grey Goose L’Orange

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Yes, it’s true all these dishes created with Grey Goose.

It gets better…..

  • Grey Goose Vodka, St-Germaine Elderflower Liqueur with freshly squeezed lime juice, chilled East Imperial soda water

  • Grey Goose Wet Martini (Grey Goose Vodka, Noilly Prat Vermout, Orange Bitters with a lemon twist)

  • Grey Goose In Fashion (Grey Goose Vodka, Honey and Grilled Lemon Syrup, Yuzu Bitters)

  • Espresso with a dash of Grey Goose L’Orange (yes you can taste the orange)

  • Grey Goose VX (Grey Goose Exclusive edition Vodka finished with a dash of Cognac)….OMG!

The bread served was Grey Goose winter wheat sourdough


Cognac Maître de Chai, François Thibault had a vision for a vodka with taste. He believed that by using the finest soft winter wheat from Picardy and the purest spring water, he could craft the extraordinary. Defying those who said it could not be done, Francois’ courage and dedication led him to his greatest creation – The World’s Best Tasting Vodka.

To celebrate François’ vision and the finest French ingredients contained in each bottle, Grey Goose has teamed up with Chef Brent Savage from acclaimed restaurant Yellow, as well as the Luxe Bakery powerhouse to create La Boulangerie, an innovative artisan bakery.

“La Boulangerie will fuse the best in quality and gastronomy through a unique cocktail and dining experience that Sydneysiders have not seen before. It will exemplify craftsmanship, character and excellence by taking guests on a journey from field to bottle”, says Andy Wren, Grey Goose Brand Ambassador.

By day, Yellow will be transformed into a French inspired bakery where freshly baked bread and pastries will be fashioned from the same soft winter wheat that has made Grey Goose the finest vodka it is today. To accompany these patisserie offerings, guests can expect a selection of limited edition Grey Goose confitures produced from Grey Goose La Poire, Grey Goose L’Orange, and Grey Goose Le Citron.

“For the first time, we’ve extended our mid-week opening hours to offer a breakfast and lunch menu that I have exclusively created for the pop up collaboration between Grey Goose and Yellow. Grey Goose and I both believe in using the finest ingredients, so it was a great fit from the start”, notes Brent.

“Grey Goose is an ideal spirit to work with in the kitchen as its refined flavour is not too overpowering. We’ve been able to create an inherently French modern menu”.

By night, guests can enjoy a five course tasting menu showcasing notes of the spirit along with matched Grey Goose cocktails for the ultimate epicurean experience.

Espousing the traditionally French heritage of the iconic Yellow House building, Grey Goose has gone beyond La Boulangerie and for three nights only, will open the doors to Salon de Martini, a bespoke martini bar personifying the luxury of Grey Goose Vodka as it stands today.

“After enjoying the use of our French winter wheat in La Boulangerie, Salon de Martini is a chance for guests to revel in Grey Goose in its most modern form. Here is where the extraordinary comes to life and the culture of the cocktail is accentuated”, says Andy.


Open for two weeks only from 21st August – 6th September

De Jour: Friday 21st August – Sunday 6th September. Bakery: 9am – 2pm (weekday), 8am – 3pm (weekend)

Café: 9am-2pm (weekday), 8am – 3pm (weekend)

No bookings required.De Nuit:

Friday 21st August – Sunday 6th September. Restaurant open from 6.00pm.

Bookings: (02) 9332 2344

Salon de Martini:

Thursday 27th August – Saturday 29th August. Martini Bar: 6pm-11pm

No bookings required.

Held at Yellow, 59 Macleay St, Potts Point (bakery, café, restaurant) and Yellow House, 57 Macleay St (Salon de Martini)

Visit for further details.

Join the conversation @greygooseau #frenchisbest #salondemartini


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