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Variety Bash Car 256 takes action shots with Shotbox Camera

Shotbox approached Sydney Chic to trial their S71 camera and we had the perfect opportunity for that! As it turns out, Gavin Little, who does a bit of photography for Sydney Chic, was about to go on the Variety Bash tour so he jumped at the opportunity to try out the camera on Bash Car 256.

After mounting it to the car you can see for yourself what great action shots the camera can take. It’s a tough little camera too as you can see by looking at these videos.

We will have more of a story on the Variety Bash in a couple of weeks, in the meantime we wanted to show the readers of Sydney Chic what it’s like to be on the Bash tour.

The ShotBox S71 and S60 are available online and in Dick Smith for $439 (RRP) and $299 (RRP). The ShotBox comes with $200 worth of accessories including a waterproof case, 2” removable touchscreen, lithium battery, various mounts, USB cable, humonitor anti-fog kit and a storage pouch and handstrap.

For more information regarding ShotBox, please visit

To find out more about Gavin’s work

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