The Fonzarelli: Australia’s first eco–friendly chic city Moto Scooter offers a totally silent ride

I recently met up with Michelle Nazzari who is the founder of Fonzarelli Bikes. I was intrigued to hear more about her latest innovation, the chic Fonzarelli, is Australia’s first 100% electric Moto Scooter to hit Australian shores and offers are totally silent ride.

Michelle created the Fonzarelli electric moto because she believes in 100% emission-free and eco-friendly personal transport. We like that!

The Fonzarelli bike is easy to cruise around town, with superb engineering to ensure stability and balance for even the novice rider. A Fonzarelli is the perfect choice for urban dwellers who want an alternative to traditional petrol options, with cutting edge technology and at the same time, protecting the environment.

Complete with a compact removable lightweight battery, it can reach a full charge in 3-5 hours, or a fast charge up to 80% in just one hour. “Charging the bike is as simple as recharging your phone” says Nazzari. “You can even charge your phone while you ride with the under-seat USB charger.”

Not only a high-powered and economical ride, the Fonzarelli also ramps up the style stakes to make quite a chic transport option around today. There is a choice between base colours of matte black, optic white or rocket red and accessories can be customised to build individual unique and personal designs, and the intelligent Fonzarelli operating system can be customised to suit rider experience and city riding conditions.

Michelle took me for a little demo down in Rushcutters Bay and I was amazed at how silent this little beauty is. It's almost enough to make a certain blogger go and get her L plates for riding a motor scooter.

Michelle Nazzari, Founder of Fonzarelli

Equal parts engineer and environmental enthusiast, Michelle Nazzari is no stranger to the world of innovation. Originally from Perth, Nazzari moved to Sydney at the age of 18 with a dream and robust passion for both engineering and the environment.

Twelve years on and Nazzari is rapidly realising her ambitions, first as a member of the team

that successfully launched Australia’s first commercial electric vehicles, and more recently in the creation of her latest venture, an eco-friendly scooter company - Fonzarelli - which has launched its latest innovation, the Fonzarelli 125 in Australia. The vision was to create the most functional, fun, convenient and decarbonised transport solution to tackle our urban cities.

Photo of Michelle via Instagram

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