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Meet or new regular contributing Style Editor, Christopher Haggarty

We are excited to announce that's Christopher Haggarty is joining us to do a regular style feature on Sydney Chic!

We look forward to his up and coming post for Father's Day!

Destined to be a style icon, Christopher Haggarty moved from Taree to Sydney as a teenager to study fashion design at The Fashion Design Studio. Before completing his first year in Sydney, only months into his studies he landed a job as a fashion designer. He later studied business at FBI Fashion College, going on to launch his own style blog ( whilst getting work as a fashion stylist.

Well known for styling Paris Hilton (after she posted a photo of the two of them on her Instagram) he went on to feature in the reality TV show Angels Of Reality. Now he's not only a regular on the Sydney social scene but a front row fixture at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Mr Haggarty has been seen in numerous publications including; Men's Style, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

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