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Casey Conway chats "Sluggers" to our Christopher Haggarty

Casey Conway faces the new campaign for swimwear label Sluggers – men’s bathers which are cleverly designed tight in the back and loose in the front making them a flattering choice for any man at the beach or pool this summer to eliminate the dreaded “saggy man bum”.

The Indigenous model and youth development advocate previously played for the Sydney Roosters but forced to retire prematurely due to injury. He was later discovered by a modelling talent scout whilst walking down the street in Sydney’s Paddington, and has gone on to a successful modelling career. Casey chatted with Christopher last week to discuss his new role as an ambassador of the swimwear label.

So Casey, what was it like to get discovered on the street and was it something you had ever thought you'd get into?

It wasn't something I ever thought I'd get into so I didn't take it too seriously when I was first approached. I grew up in country QLD with four brothers so modelling wasn't something that was ever on my radar. It's something I've done on and off for a few years and I now feel it's a great platform to use with my day to day job in the youth sector.

What's the best thing about being the face, well the body of a brand like Sluggers?

Sluggers is a fun brand that doesn't take itself too seriously. When I was approached to do the job, I felt straightaway the vibe that Adam wanted to capture. Australia is a diverse country that loves the beach so I feel Sluggers are an extension of that lifestyle and I'm happy to be apart of their story.

I'm a fan of the skull print what is your favourite style to sport this summer?

The skull print is awesome! I love the Hokusurf wave print in the classic cut. Aside from looking great, they are super comfortable. They give the confidence needed to enjoy the beach, or pool, or river or wherever you might find yourself cooling off this summer.

Christopher Haggarty - Style Editor Sydney Chic

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