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Isn't it time you had your own personal cloud?

Image: Taken at the Bristol Arms Hotel at the WD Launch as part of the #WDCreativeWorkshop Instagram competition

I recently attended the launch of WD's My Cloud's OS 3. Actually many people ask me what sort of reviews I really like doing, and funnily enough the technology events are one of my favourites. Most of what I do is in the Cloud, so if I lost my computer it would be a nightmare, however everything is stored somewhere and I'd manage to continue. The quesion is though; how safe is my data and how safe is your data? With WD's My Cloud OS 3 you can store your data on your own personal storage device.

WD's My Cloud OS 3 features an intuitive user interface delivering a rich content-sharing experience, and back up and sync capabilities that elevate the personal cloud NAS offering while retaining the privacy and control unique to personal cloud devices physically located in the office or home. My Cloud users can have peace of mind by backing up PC's, smart phones and tablets and centralising their content on the My Cloud device. This means no one else has access to it and puts users in charge of managing their own digital lives.

My Cloud OS 3 features powerful new photo and video capabilities via two new user experiences MyCloud.Com and My Cloud Albums app. provides users global access to their My Cloud via an intuitive web-based user interface and enables file collaboration, comprehensive access management and a photos and video gallery view. My Cloud Album is available to download late September on iTunes and Google Play stores and enables users to send a link to a common location or album, to their friends and family.

In a nutshell, if you lose your laptop e.g. at an airport, you will still have access to all your data via your smartphone because of your own personal 'cloud' storage. Pretty Cool.

All My Cloud devices are available in the WD store at and at a select retailers.


4 TB $599

6 TB $749.99

8 TB $899.99


Video: Taken at the Bristol Arms Hotel at the WD Launch as part of the #WDCreativeWorkshop Instagram competition

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