The Cleaning Fairy Left my Unit Totally Spotless.

I just got home and the cleaning fairy had been and left my unit totally spotless! I love a clean home and sometimes, like the majority of us, I get so busy some things don’t get done as often as I like. Today, ‘Tidy Me’ sent Marina to clean my home, and when she was here I ducked out for a couple of hours to a meeting. I felt very confident leaving Marina to do her job when I was away because all Tidy Me crew go through a registration process and thorough interviews. They're all experienced, professional cleaners and have to have an ABN to be part of the platform.

Tidy Me is much more than an online booking service, it is an online platform allowing professional, independent cleaners to connect with people and homes in need of their services. Customers can login to their own personal profile and update their booking online, or book a recurring service.

The other thing I like about Tidy Me is they have partnered with method, a leader in eco friendly cleaning products and runs its business in a values-driven manner, building social and environmental benefit into its products and everything it does. Plus all the crew take public transport to their jobs.

Booking is easy; just jump online, register and order. You will find the pricing reasonable too plus a discount for first time clean and rewards for referring. Customers can also arrange for extras to be done when making the booking and getting a quote i.e. clean fridge etc.

I was more than happy with this service, I came home to a spotless house, and even the rubbish had been removed. I would personally recommend this service to my friends and readers.

Yes thumbs up to this company.

DISCLAIMER: Sydney Chic worked in collaboration with Tidy Me. Feedback on reviews are always honest and not influenced.