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It’s not everyday you get to use a shampoo and conditioner that is made of diamond dust, white truffle and meteorite dust! But you are hearing it straight from Sydney Chic….I’ve used it and it’s something special.

“Sure Deb, pull the other one” I hear you say, but true, there is a shampoo that contains these ingredients and it is luxurious and organic! Believe it or not, thanks to Fuente, it is now possible to treat damaged hair with their amazing shampoo and conditioner “Truffle by Fuente”.

Fuente contains organic ingredients in this revolutionary shampoo, which includes the skin of white truffle, pure diamond dust and meteorite dust from space. This combination exhibits an individual response to each specific type of hair, resulting in an intelligent shampoo that restores every type of hair to top condition.

My hairdressers, Ze Flamant Rose in Surry Hills, believe that everybody deserves a little luxury at an affordable price, and how more luxurious can it be having a 45 minute head and neck massage using Truffle by Fuente? Heated stones are used in this massage, which is based on a Japanese technique to help heal emotional blockages. Believe me a head and neck massage by either Emilie or Cyril is worth every cent! It’s a m a z i n g.

Photo: Model Courtney being pampered by Emilie

Both Emilie and Cyril (owners of Ze Flamant Rose) have been trained by Fuente to ensure that their clients get a chance to be pampered and unwind in expert hands.

Fuente Truffle is especially designed to repair damaged hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Fuente demonstrates that luxury and sustainability go well together. The packaging, the ingredients and the production process all have a minimal ecological footprint. All products are put together on a natural basis but also developed for sustainability and no animal ingredients in the products; nor are they tested on animals.

Truffle by Fuente isn’t cheap, around $350 for the duo however, I think that $95 for a 45 minute special head massage and treatment with the diamond, truffle and meteorite ingredients is well worth it.

Photo of Cyril via Instagram

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