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There’s a new shoe in town.

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New York’s boutique shoe brand “Miz Mooz” is now available in Australia from more than 130 retailers nationally. The shoes are designed to look classic vintage along with a sensibility factor for comfort.

From the moment I put on my pair of Miz Mooz ‘Wales’ they felt very comfortable and I had no problem wearing them in. In other words, no blisters!

Miz Mooz has grown from humble beginnings in 2001 in New York to being available around the world including Australia and New Zealand. Miz Mooz are committed to the principle that fashion and comfort can happily coexist. The shoes are carefully finished by hand, and the resulting variations in color and texture ensure that every pair is as unique and interesting

I love how the brand has taken the comfort factor into consideration and the shoes are designed to wear all day long. A little extra padding in the heel and forefoot and a low pitch on all styles helps to soften each step.

They must be doing something right because Hollywood celebrities, such as Taylor Swift and Emma Roberts have been photographed wearing Miz Mooz.

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