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Is it a beach towel, rug, sarong or a cooling machine?

Turkish towels seem to be all the rage at the moment, and it’s only just recently that I had a chance to check out why. Turkish towels are very versatile and can be used in many ways i.e. beach towel, sarong, rug, meditation rug, throw etc.

The photo I have here is one of the quality artisan products available at SAMMIMIS who stock 100% Turkish cotton towels. it’s a 325gm “Cassis” range for $50. I chose the colour because it actually matches my bedspread!

Here’s something that I didn’t know, the more you wash Turkish Towels the softer they get! I have to confess that I struggled deciding to use mine as a towel or a home decorating item? I opted for the towel use because once I tested the absorbency of it I decided these towels make great bathroom towels, and I’m using it as home decorating item at the same time in the bathroom. They look great, they absorb the water, and with the hot weather we have had in Sydney lately, I turned it into my very own cooling machine by using it as a sarong straight after drying myself off after a shower. Very innovative of me I thought!

These Turkish towels are available in a variety of weight and weaves making them very popular with so many choices. The use of vegetable dyes means the towels certified that there are no harmful substances in the product.

At the moment you can by a Christmas bundle of any 3 turkish towels and get a 4th for FREE and I’ll be releasing details of soon on a competition to win a Turkish Towel.

I worked in collaboration with SAMMIMIS For this post. Please read full DISCLAIMER here and note I only write about products/events that impress me.

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