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Make your own Ferrero Rocher Christmas Decorations

Recently I was invited in a bloggers lunch at Acme in Potts Point for a Ferrero Rocher craft afternoon. It was a fabulous afternoon, with delicious food and great company.

Our task was to make an edible Christmas Bon Bon and we were given everything needed to work with including gorgeous thick paper, cardboard, double-sided tape, Ferrero chocolates, pen, paper, ribbon and scissors. We filled our bon bons with a handwritten message, little sparkle cutouts and of course Ferrero Rocher chocolates. I noticed quite a few of those chocolates didn't make it into the bon bons!

Ferrero Rocher have created instructional videos on how to make: Grand Ferrero Rocher centrepieces, beautiful bon-bons, place cards, tree ornaments and gift decorations (see below).

As you can see from the photographs, ACME was the perfect venue for little get together and the Christmas decorations were stunning.

Images: Instagram


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