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Central Coast Extreme Crazy Tree Top Zip Line Ride

Photo: Deb flying high

Have you ever fancied yourself riding up to 40km per hour, for 1 km amongst the tree tops on a Zip Line? That’s exactly what I did yesterday thanks to Adrenalin Share an Experience.

I have a confession; I am terrified of roller coasters so when the opportunity came up for me to try this Zip line, I decided to move out of my comfort zone in a big way. This Zip line is very similar to a roller coaster except you are not harnessed in a carriage with other people, you are actually hanging in a harness, by yourself.

Photo: Walking up to the top

I was with my sister-in-law, Mayumi and we finally arrived at our destination (See note below if you want to find out the antics on how a 30 minute trip turned into 3.5 hours). We were greeted by Doc, Kye & Ashlee who got us fitted up in our gear and gave us the run down. Ashlee and Kye took us up the 600m walk to the top of the Zip ride, and Doc stayed to greet us when we came down. The walk alone in the bush was fantastic and nothing makes me happier than being in the Australian bushland.

Photo: Reached the top ready to ride

Once we reached the top I very kindly volunteered Mayu to go first. The truth is I was terrified! So Mayu took off, and I watched her whiz down and screaming sounds of ‘whoo hoo’ ‘yay’ – she obviously loved it. As I watched her swing from side to side and eventually disappear out of sight after whizzing around a 360-degree turn and down a steep decent, my nerves started to get the better of me. It actually took Ashlee and Kye 10 minutes to calm me down and persuade me to do it.

Photo: The start of the ride

I can tell you it is thrilling, it’s an adventure like no other. I was scared but at the same time I loved it. My commonsense told me nothing was going to go wrong. Sometimes the speed was phenomenally fast and sometimes it slowed down, to give me a false sense of security that the worst was over. The scariest time was when I was going around the 360-degree turns because my body was literally swinging side to side. Remember I’m terrified of roller coasters so this is a massive out of my comfort zone experience.

Photo: Mayu loving it

The video is from the Go Pro camera on my helmet and I had to add music to it because of the extreme profanities that were coming out of this blogger’s mouth….lol. The truth is, I am so glad I did this; it’s an experience that I’ll never forget.

Thanks to the team at Adrenalin for sending me, and to Doc, Kye and Ashlee you guys rock! Thanks to Kye who took the photos for me.


(This is what I wrote on my Facebook Page last night)…….

Today I did the Zip ride in the Central Coast as part of a blog series I’m doing for ‪#‎ShareAdrenalin. Pretty simple thing to do. Get on train at Central to Koolewong. Sister-in-law picks me up and we drive half an hour to our destination. Kev, my brother, has given Mayumi instructions and says it’s half an hour from their place, and we have TomTom, Siri and Google Maps. What on earth could go wrong?

Driving up the F3 TomTom tells us to turn off the road. So we obey. About 10 minutes en route we think we are not going the right way, so I also ask Siri. Siri tells us to go left and TomTom tells us to go right. Hmmmm.. So I go to Google Maps and we are told to go straight ahead. So we obey Google Maps and end up on a twenty minute ride back right to where we started. I turn Siri back on and say “stupid Siri” and to our surprise Sir answers back “That’s not very nice”. LOL.

So we continue to Tree Tops Adventure Park and now Google tells us we have another hour. We question this because Kev said it was 30 minutes. Again, we obey the technology and ignore Kev!

We finally arrive at the park and I tell the people that we were led on a wild goose chase but here we are for the Zip. One of the guys smiles at me and says, “You sure were, you are in the Newcastle Park the Zip is in the Central Coast”. Aghhhh Google took us to the wrong park! So we are instructed on how to go back down the coast and the guys rang the Central Coast to tell them that the blogger is on her way.

We are driving for about 25 minutes and I say to Mayu, this doesn’t look like the F3 so we pull over and consult our three electronic advisors once more. They all agree we are on the wrong track; we are now heading to Singleton and we are on the New England Highway. So we turn around and finally end up on the F3 and eventually to our destination. What was supposed to be a 30-minute drive ended up being 3.5 hours!

Once all this is over we go to shopping centre to have something to eat and I needed to buy some things. We get back in the car when we are finished and I realise that my jacket is actually inside out!

Mayu drops me off at Woy Woy, I have an uneventful trip home wondering if it’s a full moon tonight!

Anybody wanting navigation help from me or Mayu – just give me a call, we come highly recommended.

We were guests of Adrenalin and Tree Top Adventures. Read my full DISCLAIMER

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