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Things to do in Sydney : The Mystery Puzzle

A few friends and myself were invited down to The Mystery Puzzle in Bligh Street recently to test our puzzle-solving skills. The Mystery Puzzle is a great group and corporate activity in Sydney that builds camaraderie and teaches people from different backgrounds and with different personalities, to work together to pass fun team challenges and hurdles.

The idea is to dress up (just for fun) and play a new game concept using logic and investigation. You have 60 minutes to escape by solving a series of puzzles. How hard can that be?

Our team: Luke, Taran, Sally, Roy, Deb & Tammy

Our mission was to catch some robbers: The Bank of Monopoly has just been robbed. As per the CCTV camera footage there are 3 main suspects. All of them Deb, Mani and Mei are out on the run but they can’t leave the city right away. That's just a coincidence the robber happens to be called Deb by the way, it's not me, I promise!

The only way for our group to escape the room is by helping the police find the stolen money and the robbers. We have to search for clues and close the case in less than an hour by finding the robbers before they flee with the money. Once we solve the mystery we get to find out how to escape from the room.

All I can say is thank goodness it wasn't me by myself because I don't think I would have even solved the first clue! We all agreed Taran was pretty resourceful in finding the clues followed by Roy & Luke, and yes we girls contributed too! I won't elaborate what we actually found for obvious reasons but I can tell you we managed to escape in just over 40 minutes so pretty good I think.

The Mystery Puzzle is a great team building exercise, and a lot of fun.

If you are wondering why we are dressed like this? Well to be honest I can't tell you because it doesn't really make sense; only that we had fun finding something silly to wear.


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