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Petal Post Sydney Delivers Fresh Cut Locally Grown Flowers To Your Door

Photo: Instagram

When I first left school at the young age of 16…yes 16, my first job was as a florist. I have always loved flowers because they make me happy. I only lasted two months in that job because I was fired for wearing my uniform too short and being a bit of a rebel. I actually look back at this early start of my career with a lot of gratitude because after the bad start, I made sure I was the best employee ever in all jobs after that. One thing though, I’ve never forgotten the basics of flower arranging or lost my love for fresh flowers in the home.

I have come across a company that sends beautifully packaged flowers straight to your door. The flowers are fresh, locally sourced and delivered in perfect condition, and packaged specifically so they can be left at your doorstep thanks to the specific box design.

And if you are not an expert floral arranger like myself (just joking) then don’t worry the box comes with tips on how to arrange your flowers.

In my photos the main flower is “Sweet Akito” Rose from Cecil Hills. The transitional flower is Tiger Lily from Lake Munmorah, Lisianthus from Kemps Creek and Alstroemeria from Wandin Valley. The foliage is local Virburnum.

Prices start from $38 including delivery.


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