2016 Australia Day Sydney Ferrython

Dressed and decorated to the nines, Sydney’s beloved First Fleet ferries lined up for the Australian Day Ferrython as part of the Sydney Festival. I think we may have been on the luckiest boat, The Streets Gaytime Ferry, with colourful lamingtons and an endless flow of icecream.

Above: Deb Carr (dress Leona Edmiston) and two of our readers who won our competition to join us, Catherine & Kristine). Below: Christopher Haggarty and friends, Ash and Stephanie.

The harbour was a place of colour and celebration as we raced to try and claim first place. We came second, and congratulations to the 2016 winner Meriton!

Thankfully the weather stayed calm and we had some blue skies. With the foreshore lined with people it was indeed a colourful and wonderful day. As I type this I’m still rocking and haven't found my land legs yet! Those ferries can motor when they have to!

Above: Coming to the finish line. Some lucky people were able to watch from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Thanks to Streets Ice Cream for inviting us to join in on this fabulous celebration.

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