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An App That's Making Life Easier For Property Investors & Property Managers

I’ve come across another app that I think could be extremely useful for those who rent out investment properties, and especially for those in real estate property management.

In the 5 decades I have been on this planet I have seen so much innovation with technology, and it seems we are relying more and more on apps to make our lives easier. When I think back to my school days, the only subject I actually ever passed in school certificate was shorthand typing! In fact, I learnt to type on a manual typewriter. I think that’s why I have the skill of being a 100 words per minute touch typist and without that, I doubt I’d get through the day with the amount of time I’m in front of a keyboard blogging and on social media. So when I say I’ve seen the most amazing things happening with technology, believe me I have!

There is no doubt that apps are making our lives easier; even Sydney Chic has its own app! Writing about technology is actually one of my favourite things to do on this blog, and I’ve often been asked to write about drones, wireless speakers and apps. So when the team at Inspection Manager asked me to take a look at their new property inspection app. I didn’t hesitate because I’m always intrigued as to what we can do on our mobile phones now.

The Inspection Manager app runs from any iPhone or iPad, and has also been developed for selected devices on the Android platform.

Its features allow you to:

  • Mark the condition of the property i.e. clean or dirty.

  • Add comments, using either the keyboard or a pre-defined dictionary with comments that you can set yourself.

  • Add photos and tag them and annotate areas of concern.

  • Have peace of mind. It is a completely secure app, as reports are stored safely on the Inspection Manager server and can only be accessed by approved people.

  • Edit the layout. You can easily modify the number of rooms or areas in a property, which eliminates any confusion and means you only pay attention to the areas you need.

I also like that there is a calculator on the website to help work out how much you will save each year by using this technology, which is obviously a big benefit for those in real estate.

Pricing starts from $59.95, and includes a free 30 day trial on each plan.

At time of writing the Android app will be available shortly.


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