Parrot’s, Bebop 2 Drone, a new Generation Leisure Quadricopter With Unprecedented Performance

I attended a viewing today of Parrot’s, Bebop 2 drone, a new generation leisure quadricopter with unprecedented performance today which will be available in late March and retailing for AU$899.99 / NZ$949.00

With true technical prowess, the Bebop 2 is compact, robust, stable and very light (500g). Equipped with the latest generation of sensors and technology, it has up to 25 minutes of flight time.


  • Manoeuvrability, even in extreme conditions, the Bebop 2 offers very easy-to-use piloting with a smartphone or a tablet via Wi-Fi.

  • Embedded 14 megapixel fisheye camera, digitally stabilised on 3-axis, takes Full HD videos with perfect flow and impressive brightness.

  • The Bebop 2 is compatible with the Skycontroller Black Edition, an optional RC-like controller providing an extended flight range (up to 2 Kilometres).

  • Autopilot

  • Easy to pilot (no training required)

  • Tilting the piloting device indicates the direction (forward, backward, left, right), and the Bebop 2 follows with precision.

  • When the “landing” button is touched, the drone automatically lands smoothly, whatever its altitude.

  • Data collected by seven sensors is analysed and merged thanks to the impressive calculation capability of its on-board computer (dual-core processor with CPU quad-core):

  • A vertical stabilisation camera takes an image of the ground every 16 milliseconds and compares it to previous images to determine the speed of the Bebop 2.

  • An ultrasound sensor analyses the flight altitude up to 5 metres, complemented by a pressure sensor up to that level.

  • A pressure sensor measures air pressure and analyses fight altitude beyond 5 metres.

  • 3-axis gyroscope measures the bank angle of the drone.

  • Accelerometer measures the positioning of the drone on 3 axis and its linear speed.

  • 3-axis magnetometer helps define the position of the drone like a compass.

  • Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) chipset (GPS + GLONASS) geolocalises the drone and helps measure the speed in order to stabilise the drone at high altitudes.

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion 2700 mAh

  • On the propulsion side, the four three-blade propellers powered by four brushless outrunner engines, offering great manoeuvrability during high speed flights.

  • The Bebop 2 achieves bursts of speed up to 60km/h horizontally and 21km/h vertically.

  • It reaches its maximum speed in 14 seconds, brakes in 4.5 seconds and resists head winds up to 63km/h! It can reach an altitude of 100 metres in less than 20 seconds.

  • Connected in Wi-Fi MIMO (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) to the piloting smartphone/tablet, the Bebop 2 has a perfectly stable connection up to 300 metres.

  • Numerous systems reinforce the safety of the flights: emergency cut-out feature of the engines, emergency cut-out feature of the propellers in case of contact, limitation of the altitude and of the flight perimeter, automatic return home feature.

  • Its glass fibre reinforced (20%) PA12 chassis and its shockproof feet ensure high robustness of the structure. At the back of the machine, a LED enables the pilot to understand the direction of the flight while keeping the drone in sight.

  • Images are streamed live on the screen of the piloting device.

  • The pilot can digitally change the angle of the camera up to 180° by sliding a finger on the screen. It can film or take pictures vertically!

  • Digitally stabilised on 3-axis thanks to powerful algorithms, images are bright, perfectly stable and all without distortion.

  • Recorded in Full HD (1080p) on the 8 GB flash memory of the Bebop 2, videos and photos (16:9; 4:3; fisheye) can be transferred into the piloting device or a computer.

  • The Bebop 2 is compatible with Parrot Skycontroller Black Edition, an optional RC-like remote control that enables an extended Wi-Fi range up to 2 kilometres!

Fly responsible!

Expert pilots or beginners should take the commands of a leisure drone in a responsible way and in accordance to local rules and regulations, including the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). To fully enjoy your Bebop Drone, Parrot

Some safety instructions:

Never lose sight of your Bebop Drone;

Don’t approach or film people without their consent;

Don’t exceed the maximum authorised altitude in your country;

Don’t fly near airports, military bases, industrial zones and other sensitive areas; Don’t fly over populated and urban areas;

Don’t fly in rain, snow, fog, strong wind or at night;

Don’t fly over rail lines, highways.

Parrot also recommends you take note of your local regulations before using a drone for recreation.

Available from Apple, Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, leading consumer electronic stores, hobby stores, photo stores & online:

@Parrot #BebopYourWorld For more information, visit


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