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Sydney Restaurant Review: Kelly’s Bondi Junction

The first thing that I noticed when I walked into Kelly’s was the fabulous view from the restaurant that looks over houses, greenery, water the city skyline and Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s pretty impressive!

I soon discovered that Kelly’s is a great family restaurant and especially so for those who love meat. The range is quite extensive and Kelly’s specialize in making meat taste good with their secret recipes of basting sauces. The restaurant is Australian adopting an African style of cooking! For those who prefer chicken, seafood or vegetarian there are plenty of options there too.

With a wide range of entrees and mains there is plenty to choose from. We started with Haloumi, Garlic Prawns and Boerewors. The Haloumi comes with a grilled tomato and is a nice light dish to start with.

The Garlic Prawns are super creamy, so if you are dieting forget this dish but if you want something tasty then these Garlic Prawns are for you!

As you would imagine, Boerewors are a specialty and they came with a nice tasty glaze.

My dining companion, Christopher, decided on a steak. There were two choices in size and he graciously opted for the smaller portion 250gm and I think he would have struggled to get through the larger one. When ordering a main dish you can also choose chips, veg or mashed potato and then add on salads etc to customize your meal.

I ordered four lamb cutlets and mashed potato. As soon as the cutlets arrived I could smell the basting and asked the waitress if they were smoked in Hickory, however I was told no, and that she couldn’t tell me the secret recipe! It's a secret! These little cutlets were very tasty with no fat on them and perfect with good old-fashioned mashed potato.

I’ll point out here that there are a huge range of sauces to choose from to have with your meal.

To finish we chose a cocktail dessert! Good grief what were we thinking having this in the middle of the day? I say that, but the truth is they were very tasty and we finished off enjoying those on the beautiful veranda basking in the sun and loving the view.

During the week there is a lunch special $19.95 main meal with soft drink or water of $23.95 with glass of house wine.

Disclaimer: Sydney Chic dined as guests of Kelly's reviews are based on honest opinion and not positively influenced becuase we dined as guests.


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