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Best Restaurants in Sydney: 169 Darlinghurst

The newly refurbished cafe, restaurant and bar, 169 Darlinghurst is a great little venue with some amazing food and cocktails! Pictured above is a Kale salad with smoked trout that I enjoyed for lunch recently, and I have one word for this dish 'sensational'. Fresh Kale, shiso, leaves, pear, celery, avocado, sunflower seeds, pepita and tahini dressing $14 or add chicken breast/smoke trout $6.

I also enjoyed a fabulous Negroni (with kumquat) with my lunch on a beautiful Autumn day here in Sydney, as we sat by the open windows with views of the Sydney skyline and treetops. I'm sure you can picture yourself sitting by this window watching the world go by as you enjoy great food and drink!

The bar/restaurant is tastefully decorated with interesting artwork and a very relaxed atmosphere. Seating is available both inside and outside.

My friend chose a Caeser Salad with poached chicken and rosemary vinaigrette, which was beautifully presented, $17, and a gin martini.

I will be going back to 169 Darlinghurst again. Yes, worth a visit! Great friendly staff too.

Opening hours

Sun - Tuesday 7am - 4pm Wednesday —Saturday 7am—10pm

Reservations available for tables of 6 or more.

169 Darlinghurst Rd (cnr William St) Darlinghurst NSW 2011.

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