Optus Release Convenient Cashless Payment System

Optus have stepped into the cashless payment area with a great new app that will make life easier for those on the go! I had an opportunity to try the new payment system recently as a guest of Optus at Taste of Sydney. By wearing a wristband, I was able to visit selected stalls that were set up to use this new technology. I purchased a bottle of Torbec wine and Truffle Ketchup with a quick tap of my wrist.

The band is free for Optus customers - (check website for conditions) then download the app to their phone, add some funds and they are ready to shop! You don’t even have to carry your phone with you so this is super convenient. Mind you I never go anywhere without my phone, can’t miss an instagram opportunity lol.

For those customers with a compatible non­Android smartphone who want the ease and convenience of Cash by Optus and can’t stand the idea of leaving home without their phone, then the Payment Sticker is a great solution. The sticker attaches to the back of the device, linking directly to the Cash by Optus app and letting you use your smartphone to pay for goods and services instead of using cash or plastic debit and credit cards.


  • A new generation of consumers, defined as smartshoppers, are about to hit Australian stores as Aussies take advantage of hands free payment technology.

  • Set to be the newest trend in in-store shopping.

  • The first payment wristbands from an Australian telco.

  • The next evolution in wearable technology.

  • Enjoy shopping, going for a jog, cycle or even a trip to the beach handsfree.

  • The band is just one of the new Payment Accessories for Optus' contactless payment system, see all accessories here Cash By Optus

  • Can be used for purchases under $100

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