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Moro & Ognissanti | Beauty Can Be Ethical, Sustainable and Ecological

I was recently introduced to some beautiful Italian jewellery and wanted to share with my readers but there is far more to this jewellery, and I'm talking about the ethics of the company that makes it.

Maxy Eppel from Moro & Ognissanti has shared with Sydney Chic those ethics and values. Over to Maxy......

Mindfulness and how it extends to everything you do…..

Beauty can be ethical, sustainable and ecological.

Buying something beautiful need not to be a fight for the most precious, it need not to be a fight for the most beautiful or the most expensive. Why not simply ethical.

Being mindful about how we spend our money is a start. I always say “it’s not about what you can afford to buy, but what you choose to wear”. I say this in regards to the jewellery pieces we create at Moro & Ognissanti and the clothes I choose to buy, because ultimately, we have a choice.

Something beautiful should make us feel good and happy, it would make us feel even better if we knew and understood where it came from and how it was produced, that no one was hurt in the process and that in some way we are not perpetuating a consumer centric habit, so exemplified by today’s society.

When it comes to jewellery, ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly are not adjective that instantly come to mind, but you would be mistaken.

There are a few companies out there that want to make a difference, change behaviors and mindsets, bring awareness and become champions of change to areas that have long been plagued by conflict.

Ethical, sustainable and environmentally aware jewellery making is available. Feel good about what you buy knowing that conflict stones have not been used in any way, shape or form and that child labour has also been categorically excluded from the process.

Being mindful is not difficult when we have choices.


What are your thoughts on ethical beauty?

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