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Sydney Restaurant Recommendation: Crown Street Fish Shop

I've always been a fan of Crown Street Fish Shop in Surry Hills, and it's one of my favourite Sydney Restaurants to have lunch on a weekend. I have a confession; I always order the calamari! So it was great to be invited down to try a few other dishes and venture away from my favourite dish.

One of the things I love about Crown Street Fish Shop is the decor. Seating is available outside and inside and the venue is nicely decorated with fantastic lighting and decked out with a great sea/sailing feel.

The winner for me was the lobster mac 'n' cheese $18 This really is your upmarket macaroni cheese. In fact, popular Sydney Foodie, Simon Leong had recommended to me that it was a must have. I must admit it wouldn't be something I would normally order but I'm glad we did. It might even knock the calamari off it's perch from now on, and become the new dish I alway order.

Next up the sashimi salad $14. A beautiful combination of flavours and sashimi. The fish was cut a little thicker than I would normally like but that did not take away from the dish, there was nothing left at the end of the sitting!

A good value dish is the salmon with garden salad and chips $24. The chips are really good by the way! I enjoyed the salmon as it was cooked just right for me, with a nice crispy skin. The salad is a generous serving too, so if you skipped the chips it's a very healthy option.

Lobster with garlic chilli butter, chips & salad $28 half $48 whole. If you are a chilli lover and you like lobster then this dish if for you. It's easy to eat too because the chef has already taken the flesh out and chopped into bite sized pieces.

Crown Street Fish Shop is a family-friendly restaurant with seating inside and out. They are also licensed for wine and beer. The restaurant often have specials including $1 oysters on Monday nights until they run out.


DISCLAIMER: Sydney Chic dined as guests of Crown Street Fish Shop. We do not consider ourselves as food critics, and only recommend restaurants we think our readers will enjoy by giving our honest opinion.

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