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HTC’s Latest Smart Phone Released #Powerof10

HTC 10

I've been sworn to secrecy but now I can share some information about HTC's #Powerof10.

Today I had the opportunity to check out HTC’s latest smartphone, which they have been working on behind closed doors for the last 12 months. This is one company that has taken note of their customer feedback and made it an integral part of the development process. I’m an iPhone girl, but after witnessing the demonstration I saw today, I could easily be converted.

What really impressed me, as a blogger, is the world-class camera as well as the sleek look and feel, this phone is much slimmer and has a more slender look with its full glass front merging seamlessly into the metal body and it is stylish. The power button is easy to turn on and off. The speakers deliver great sound quality and a fingerprint sensor can recognise your print from any angle. I have to say I have not had much luck with the fingerprint sensor on iPhone. The phone is light yet feels very solid.

The phone has been engineered to handle everyday knocks, bumps and scratches, the HTC 10 was subjected to over 168 hours of extreme temperature tests, ranging from a freezing -20’C to a scorching 60’C, plus over 10,000 drop, bend, scratch and corrosion tests.


I actually take a lot of my blog post photos with my iPhone and the quality is quite good however I do need to photoshop them before using. The HTC 10 has the world’s first optically stabilized, larger aperture f/1.8 lenses on both the front and rear cameras, new larger sensors, 12 million of our new generation UltraPixels (1.55um per pixel), faster laser autofocus powering the main camera and a wide angle lens and screen flash on the front UltraSelfieTM camera, to deliver brilliantly sharp, low light and high-resolution photos whether behind or in front of the lens.

The camera can launch in 0.6 seconds, and a 2nd generation laser autofocus gives a more focused shot faster. All the settings are also conveniently located at your fingertips with Pro Mode still offering advanced options for more experienced photographers, including RAW format functionality.

Now here’s something that qualifies this camera is super efficient because it boasts a DxOMark score of 88, this is one of the highest camera quality scores of any smartphone to date and is the result of tens of thousands of hours spent fine tuning each element to deliver world-class photos and videos. That’s impressive!

HTC 10

The HTC 10 combines vivid 4K video with the world’s first stereo 24-bit Hi-Res audio recording, capturing 256 times more detail than standard recordings, across twice the frequency range and enabling you to bring to life your recorded content as if you were actually there in person.

Built for audiophiles, the HTC 10 is certified for Hi-Res audio and has been designed to make music sound the way that the artist intended. A headphone amp that delivers two times the power of a conventional headphone amp, the ability to upscale from 16-bit to 24-bit audio and high performance digital to analogue conversion combine beautifully to produce ten times lower distortion than other devices on the market, delivering an all round audio performance that cannot be beaten.

HTC 10

Another great feature is that audio can be tuned for individual hearing because it dynamically adjusts specific sound frequencies to each ear, allowing you to hear music the way that the artist intended. Re-engineered HTC BoomSound™ Hi-Fi edition speakers feature the same separated tweeter and woofer design as leading acoustic systems and combine with a dedicated amplifier on each speaker, adding to the experience and delivering sound clarity unprecedented on a smartphone. Included in the purchase are

Hi-Res audio certified inbox earphones yet

The phone’s apps launch twice as fast for those impatient people. The App Lock function also adds a new layer of security by enabling you to lock any app you choose, whilst App Manager provides an instant fix for when an app isn’t behaving. The other feature I liked is the PowerBotics system, which auto detects and shuts down apps that use excessive power, improving battery life by 30% and delivering up to two days charge. Not only does Boost+ optimize performance, making it easier to launch apps, but its App Lock function also adds a new layer of security by enabling you to lock any app you choose, whilst App Manager provides an instant fix for when an app isn’t behaving.

The HTC 10 also includes the latest in-box quick charge 3.0 Rapid Charger with improved thermal management, so the battery can be charged by up to 50% in just 30 minutes – perfect for those of us that seem to constantly run out of battery juice, most probably because we never get off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email.

By reducing the number of duplicative and pre-loaded apps and bloatware, and integrating the best of both HTC and Google, HTC have created a more streamlined phone that enables you to decide what you want on your handset.

HTC 10

With HTC’s specially created new Freestyle Layout, you can get creative by dragging icons, stickers and widgets anywhere you like. Layer them, group them, link stickers to apps or get rid of screen icons altogether, the choice is yours. Personally I like my apps in order, and I’m not a keen fan of ‘stickers’ I find them childish but I can certainly see how it would appear the younger generation.

The phone comes with thousands of themes with their own icons, backgrounds and sounds so you can customize your phone based on your own personal style.

To further streamline your experience, the HTC 10 offers an all-new Ice View case with a semi-transparent and highly versatile single front-cover case. So when that next call or message comes in, or when you need to skip a track, or snap that perfect shot, you can do it without even opening your smartphone’s case.

HTC 10

The HTC 10 will be available from April 2016 in three stunning color combinations: Carbon Grey, Glacier Silver and Topaz Gold. In Australia we only have the Carbon Grey and Glacier Silver at the moment.

More details on pricing available soon.

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