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Twitter Australia and [V] HITS have announced the launch of a brand new television show, Tweet The B

Twitter is one of my favourite social media platforms where I have met many cool people. In fact Twitter has resulted in me interviewing a number of musicians from overseas for the Sydney Chic music podcasts .

When I found out about Tweet the Beat I was eager to share with my own Twitter followers – @Sydneychicblog

Tweet The Beat is Australia’s new go-to platform for sharing what’s hot right now - from music to memes and everything in between and it is thanks to Twitter Australia and [V] HITS who are launching this brand new television show on May 16. The show will air from 4pm – 5pm every weekday.

Tweet the Beat will give every Aussie the chance to share what’s caught their eye, got them Tweeting and what they want to hear, while they watch the hottest hits of the day on [V] HITS.

Tweet The Beat is Australia’s newest go-to source for viral and on-trend news, and will also showcase:

• Performances from the Twitter #BlueRoom

• Snack size artist interviews

• Live Tweets from the hottest artists

• Updates from gigs

• Twitter Moments and live polls

• And much more exciting content!

Plus, those people who participate will have their Tweets appear on screen, and they will decide the actual content of the show, with a possibility of even getting a chance to host it! Tweet The Beat will be unlike anything you've seen before, and will give an even louder voice to music and entertainment fans all over the country.

To get updates on this hot new show, follow @channelvhits and @TwitterAU and use the hashtag #TweetTheBeat to share your favourite songs, gifs, memes, celeb goss, enter competitions, and see what’s trending. [V] HITS will curate the best of the bunch and put Tweets straight into the daily show.

Happy Tweeting and please join my tribe too :)

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