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The Emoji Just Got Physical in Australia

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting German entrepreneur, Marco Hüsges who is the founder and CEO of The Emoji Company. It was a pleasurable hour chatting with a man who had the brilliant idea a few years ago to trademark the term ‘emoji’ around the world.

I love how someone can have a vision in their mind and it turns out a few years later to be a global brand! That’s exactly what Marcus did, he had a thought when looking at his phone one day to turn the emoji into a global lifestyle brand and make expressive emoji icons available for cross category merchandising and promotional activities. So when I say the Emoji just got physical, that’s what I’m talking about.

It took two years to build a content library with over 2,000 high resolution icons which are now being used for merchandise. The Emoji Company have created brand new high resolution icons with more in depth features and design elements to make them suitable for the usage on physical and tangible products.

Marco is not new to business; he’s been very successful in the digital gaming industry and despite his huge success, that didn’t excite him. He told me that he is thrilled with the success of the Emoji Company and I could see that passion in his face as he excitedly shared with me his ideas on how brands could use emoji on their products.

Today, the Emoji Company owns the rights to the mark ‘emoji’ in over 25 categories around the world and together with its global licensing partners, is launching a wide a range of consumer products.

Throughout Australia, the official emoji® brand is represented by Haven Licensing, is available across outerwear, sleepwear, underwear, footwear, bags & backpacks, automotive accessories, while in New Zealand, categories include cushions and bedlinen and stationery. Plans are also underway for product lines across confectionery, FMCG and food categories, toys and plush, party goods, and more.

I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a lot of emojis in our daily lives here in Australia.

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